Semi-finished products for pastry with lievito madre


Semi-finished product for making croissant and brioche with lievito madre natural yeast with active yeasts and lactobacilli made of wheat flour.

USE:20% concentrated premix.
  • Art. 62735 kg

Basic recipe:

Cold method

500 g Gran Lievitati flour
350 g water
200 g Alba
1,050 g total

1,050 g pre-dough
500 g Gran Lievitati flour
180 g sugar
100 g eggs
50 g water
100 g butter
20 g salt
20 g baker's yeast or
60 g Finum
2,080 g Total 

500 g butter or margarine for laminating

Mix all of the ingredients for the pre-dough and let the dough leaven for 8 hours at 28°C.
Mix all of the ingredients until a dry and smooth blend is achieved. Preserve everything in the fridge (+4°C) for 12-14 hours until the dough is twice its initial size. Fold two double turn with 500 g of butter. Mould the croissants and let them leaven for about 2,5 hours or place them in the freezer. The proofing temperature of the butter croissants must not exceed 23-24°C. Decorate, finish and bake them as you are accustomed to.
The recipe must be adapted to the technique and tools used.