Organic Classica

Organic baking mixes with lievito madre , Semi-finished products for pastry with lievito madre


Ideal organic semi-finished product to make Panettone, Pandoro, Colomba and top quality traditional sweets. The mother leaven will confer a perfect alveolation and truly unique flavours and fragrances to your creations. Optimal preservation times.

USE:Semi-finished product to make pre-dough. Ideal for Panettone, Pandoro, Veneziane, Colomba and Pandolce genovese.
  • Art. 401715 kg
IT BIO 013
Controlled operator
n. BZ-42881-B

Basic recipe:

The recipe complies with the Ministerial Decree dated 22/07/05

1,000 g organic classica
500 g water
100 g egg yolk (cat. A) organic
1 g yeast organic
200 g butter organic
1,801 g Total 

1,801 g pre-dough
300 g organic plain wheat flour violet
50 g water
300 g organic cane sugar
150 g egg yolk (cat. A) organic
200 g organic butter
25 g organic cocoa butter
50 g organic honey
700 g organic candied fruits and/or raisins
3,576 g Total 

Start mixing all of the ingredients (except the butter) until a dry and smooth blend is achieved. At this point, add the butter. Dough temperature of about 25-28°C. Leaven in a proofing cell at 27-30°C for about 10-12 hours until the dough is four times its initial size.
Then, mix the pre-dough, the organic plain wheat flour and water until achieving a dry and smooth blend. Respectively add the sugar, egg yolk, butter, cocoa butter and candied fruits and/or raisins. Dough temperature of about 25-28°C. Let the dough leaven in the cell for about 30-45 minutes at 30°C. Then, divide, shape and place everything in the special moulds to make them leaven for about 5 hours in the proofing cell at 27-30°C and with a humidity of 70-80%. Finish and bake as you are accustomed to doing.
The recipe must be adapted to the technique and tools used.